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Hydro Extractors

Hydro Extractors

Our manufactured Hydro Extractor Machine is widely used for drying yarns, fabrics, clothes, silk, etc. with the help of centrifugal force. These Hydro Extractors are designed by our skilled personnel for commercial use and should be bolted to a solid concrete floor. This machine is best suitable for textile, dyestuffs and food industries, requiring filtration of various types of slurries and hydro extraction from pastes and clothes.

Hydroextractors are machines which are used in textile processing industry. These are mainly centrifuges. The wet material is placed in the extractor, which has a wall of perforated metal, generally stainless steel. the internal drum rotates at high speed thus throwing out the water contained in it. The use of hydroextractor significantly reduces the energy required to dry any material. Hydro Extractors usually work on centrifugal force creating a high Gravitational force enhancing water extraction.


  • Our Hydro Extractors can be installed even in upper floors due to its smooth vibration-free operation
  • The external dimensions of the machine have been kept as small as possible to provide comfortable operating height
  • The low center of gravity enables smooth running of the machine
  • The machine is constructed to withstand rigorous working conditions
  • The method of operation of these centrifuges permits adoption to difficult task of separation of solids from liquids