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Softflow Dyeing Machine

Softflow Dyeing Machine

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HT. HP Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Exclusive Features:

  • Lowest liquor ratio.
  • Reduce color & chemicals.
  • Reduce steam consumption.
  • Reduce electricity.
  • Tangle free operation.
  • Online washing system.
  • Inner flow dyeing system.
  • No rope marks, no pilling effect, no hairiness.

Standard Features:

  • Dye 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabric (cotton woven, cotton knit and its blends)
  • Cup type very soft flow nozzle with low pressure higher flow design.
  • Online filter design for easy cleanup even during the process with extra replaceable filter mesh.
  • Specially design vessel cleaning system by SS spraying nozzles.
  • Fabric drive reel with A.C. Motor & Frequency controller.
  • S.S. Control Panel with rotary switch, Emergency stop, Fabric speed indicator
  • PTFE Teflon sheet in basket if required
  • Vessel made from AISI SS 316 L.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity - 10kg. to 1200kg.
  • Maximum working temp. 140° C.
  • Maximum working pressure 4 kg. /cm².

Optional Features:

  • Color Kitchen system with Agitators & Actuators with direct dosing system for color Preparation and dye dispensing / dosing.
  • Double filter system.
  • Fully automatic system with PLC & Electromagnetic flow meter Seam Detector.
  • Frequency controller for Main motor.
  • Stirring system in color tank.

Dye Kitchen with Accessories (Optional):

  • Dye Kitchen Specially designed for the dissolving & preparation of dyes chemical & auxiliaries & transfer of the dissolved media to the single dyeing machine.
  • Available in difference stage of automation with optional accessories like Stirrer & Dosing pump combined usage with programs.
  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, to suit all machine types' and satisfy all process requirement.