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Washing Rope Form

Washing Rope Form

Washing Rope Form Machine is innovatively designed to be used in both process sequence and fabric that could be treated. The main emphasis of this machine is to wash those fabrics that are not able to be treated with a conventional washing machine, thus saves water and energy. Furthermore, this machine also reduces lengthways tension occurred in fabric, avoiding shrinking. The best thing about Washing Rope Form Machine is that it is ideally suitable for woven fabrics that are made up of cotton, cotton/polyamide, cotton/polyester, cotton/viscose and cotton/viscose/polyester.

The rope processing equipment that the market has had to offer so far, has rather limited the application of this technology. This applies to both the process sequences and the fabric that could be treated.

Rope processing is a technique that was used even before the arrival on the scene of modern continuous washing ranges. A few years ago the main concern was to conserve water and energy, with this new machine the main emphasis is on a wider range of application. In particular, the aim was to cater to those fabrics that could not be treated on conventional rope processing machines, owing to their tendency to crease, e.g. closely woven fabrics.

Another major consideration was the further reduction of lengthways tension in the fabric. Nowadays, in knitted fabric finishing this is a very important point, with a view to reducing residual shrinkage.

In principle of rope washing, all those fabrics that can be processed in rope form on conventional machines. e.g. circular knit fabrics made of cotton, cotton/polyamide, cotton/polyester, cotton/viscose, and cotton/viscose/polyester.

The new thing in this machine is that, it is also suitable for woven fabrics made of cotton, cotton/viscose. cotton/polyester or linen and blends which had been a problem.

Here too, the variable liquor flow system and individual temperature control provide the flexibility that is required for after print washing. In conjunction with open-width pretreatment and a downstream rope de-twister, e.g. with open-width squeeze extraction, optimum results can be achieved in the after treatment of prints in just one passage.

Long dwell times, controlled temperature and liquor flow to suit individual requirement add up to high washing efficiency.

The new. step-less fabric-loading controller, in conjunction with the individual drives for each section. ensures an optimum cloth run; requisite dwell times are maintained constant and there is no danger of the fabric storage compartments running empty or being overloaded.

The machine can be operated with or without squeezing rollers, which are turned on as required, the pressure application being determined by the roller's own weight or by compressed air-assisted loading. This enables individual adjustment of the machine to suit the needs of various goods. When processing fabrics, which crease easily, operation without squeezing rollers is possible up to certain speed limits.

The large Plexiglas door permits ready surveillance of the instruments. At the same time door provides protection from outside influence. Below this are the connections for fresh water and the individual liquor flows.

  • Proper washing of prints
  • High efficiency
  • Crease free washing
  • Optimum temperature control
  • Controlled temperature