Continuous Multi Chamber Open Width Washing Machine

Continuous Multi Chamber Open Width Washing Machine

Washing performance is a result of fabric type, water quality, water flow, production speed, liquor exchange rate and temperature.

Open width washing machine is the only one equipped with exclusive VIBRO washing system with two drums in a compartment. The system consists of specially shaped impellers in every drums which is water jets uniformly hit the full fabric width.

Very high washing performance on the upper and back side of fabric for its whole width. Efficient removal of unfixed dyestuff, gum and other chemicals from fabrics. Washing machine are used for the different fabrics, printed with disperse dyes, wet dyes and reactive dyes.

Washing machine with tanks can carry out impregnation, pre-washing, rinsing and chemical treatments.

Partitions for counter current for bottom fabric guiding roller to attain optimum use of washing liquor. Effective squeezer between the washing units to give maximum liquor separation from bath to bath.

12-meter, 16-meter compartments for washing, 21-meter compartments for soaping and a relaxer compartment for swelling for thickener. There is optimal balance between time and sqeezing power.

The washing line has been designed specially for tensionless washing of fabrics. All the driven rolls are powered by constant load motors with adjustable speeds.

Each washing compartment equipped with its own re-circulation pump, filtering device, over-flow, drain and heating arrangment.

The washing machine line is traditionally compossed with different production requirements, assuring a convenient solution to very washing needs.

  • High Liquor Turbulence.
  • Intensive Liquor Cross - Flow Through the Fabric.
  • Fast Liquor Exchange in the Fibre.
  • Effective Removal of Hardly Soluble Impurities.
  • Washing Result Independent of Fabric Speed.