Rotary Drum Washer

Rotary Drum Washer

For treating complicated polyster twisted georgette fabrics. The Rotary Drum Washer is the most effective scouring and relaxing machine. Depending on the conditions of the fabrics, about 20% shrinkage can be obtained in case of polyster georgette. Great efforts has been put to obtain even and perfect scouring and relaxing effect for polyester.

  • The rotor which is installed inside high pressure & high temperature vessel enbles high dropping in the rotation (forward or revese) using the inverter. This rotary washer is very effective in doing such treatments of polyster fabrics as sizing, scouring, creasing and espcially shrinking.
  • Feeding through two front doors and taking out the fabrics from rear doors saves time and improves working condition.
  • The quick exhaust system allows reduction of cooling time and cooling water.
  • The door’s safety device is designed to be controlled electrically and mechanically.

Why to choose “SUN” when it’s about “DRUM”

Inside Drum Basket

Punched with de-borring having 20mm pitch double area of perforation.

Main Flange Thickness

-50 + 4mm = 54mm x 2 (SS 304L Cladding (4") on the Flanges)

Speacialized Door Design (Self Locking)

Innovative imported machine design. Bolt with spanner revolvoing door."L" type packing for enhanced fasting & working as pressure hires. Self locking as pressure increases.

Counter Shaft

We provide counter shaft arrangement on drive side, to divide the total torque load & give long maintenance free life of gearbox & chainwheel.

Gland Box

Gland Box extra long length so extra gland packing teflon used for long leak free life.

Cooling Coil

We provide cooling coil for the drum, which is used in post process to cool the vessel down.

Cooling Coil
Planetary Gear Box
Planetary Box

Gear Box with flanged end motor zero defect in alignment & hence gear box bearing.